Intervene Systemic Consulting

Survive. Sustain. Succeed.

All organizations make choices to reduce complexity -- otherwise they could not function.

Choices reduce the complexity of interactions with various environments -- what value should be created? who should we do it for? how should we deliver it?

Choices also reduce internal complexity -- where should we specialize? what subsystems do we need to create? what information must we pay attention to?

We cannot do everything at once.

The ongoing question for management is which areas require focus and which do not.

Asking the right questions results in opportunities to succeed. Asking the wrong questions leads to answers that don't sustain the organization's position. Ignoring emerging questions about dynamics and relationships with environments threaten an organization's ability to survive.

The self-transforming and self-organizing capacities of your organization are already there. Where many organizations need help is viewing their situation from different perspectives -- not better ones -- but different views that illuminate different opportunities and thereby trigger different decision-making responses. Sometimes it only takes one conversation to uncover the perspectives necessary to take effective action.

Intervene Systemic Consulting initiates and accompanies long-term, sustainable learning and renewal processes in order to make systems (organizations) more successful, efficient, and viable.

Intervene focuses attention on the tension between efficiency and the need to adapt. Change for its own sake can be as hazardous as failing to change at all. As organizations interact with other systems in a dynamic environment, misguided reductions of complexity can hinder or prevent the survival, adaptability and learning of the system.  Routines can not only limit the available behaviours that an organization can deploy to adapt to its environment, but also the information that it can make use of in decision making and other organizational activities.

Our methods draw our clients’ attention to how they are making sense of themselves, their environments, and the processes by which value is created. We also demonstrate how existing habits lead to cycles of decisions and action that may not be in alignment with organizational goals. Until we develop continual awareness of the uncertainty of our environments and the many potential ways of responding to those environments, ongoing change remains difficult and costly. Then, once new patterns and opportunities are worked out, the cycle of behaviour and decision making is broken-up for another next time to be deconstructed – a truly processual endeavor. We stimulate our clients to look at themselves in new ways and to lead their organizations and their members courageously and continuously.

Why choose systemic consulting and systemic interventions?

Intervene Systemic Consulting focuses on the following objectives:

  • ensure the success of the system (organization) while strengthening future viability
  • stimulate alternative perspectives, patterns of thought, and interactions
  • enable new behavioural options and problem solving approaches
  • unblock energy and dissolve rigid, stifling loops caused by ossification of structures
  • visualize contradictions and address taboos around direction
  • build capacity of organizational members to embrace uncertainty and ambiguity
  • encourage ongoing thinking, reasoning and perception using systems approaches

Systemic, social learning cannot occur through lectures or through the reading of books. Special methods, procedures, techniques and tools are required. Systemic forms of intervention are quite diverse because they have to intervene in complex systems, and also because they relate to the entire spectrum of interactions among individual, social, structural, material, symbolic and cultural aspects of system activity.

Many organizations learn the hard way -- from distress and pressure from outside. We support organizations to learn and act proactively, by creatively transforming themselves and their respective environments.

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